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Nutrition Coaching:

In 2019 I completed Precision Nutrition’s Level 1 Nutrition Coaching program based on a desire to heal my own relationship with food and support my passion for nutrition education


No fads, ads, discriminatory diets, or mismanaged meal plans here. We’ll discuss what and how you like to eat to develop long-term and sustainable healthy habits that fit your budget and lifestyle. While working with me you will learn how to put evidence-based nutrition into practice for fulfilling meals, sensible snacks, and informed indulgences to become happier, healthier, and live a food-fueled life more fully.


I additionally specialize in menu planning and meal prep for the ingredient conscious as well as those on the go! 

Please click the 'contact' link below to email me directly with any questions or to schedule a consultation.  I'll reply within 24 business hours


Pricing Varies

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