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“Movement creates choice.”

Dr. Perry Nickelston 


Originally rooted as a Yoga practice and studio, Four Acres Yoga has rapidly grown into a community of support and varied movement. 


Stretching has long been a supplement to cardio and strength training exercise for rest, recovery, and injury resistance, while health practitioners have just recently started/begun to prescribe Yoga for chronic pain and health management. Mindfulness and meditation have also seen a surge in popularity for their positive effects on mental health and physical wellbeing. 


I firmly believe our health is in our hands, which is why I aim to create a space to move and breathe with ease at Four Acres Yoga. My group-class teaching style integrates semi-traditional Yoga postures from the traditional Hatha/Vinyasa practices and combines them with other movement modalities learned through continued education and fitness experience for a well-rounded breath and movement practice. 


Our small community studio in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada’s has plenty of space and parking for semi-private and private movement sessions. Props are provided to support and supplement your practice. Please check class descriptions to discover which practice is the best fit for your needs. First class FREE when using the ‘First Class Pack’ pricing plan at checkout.

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