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Health & Safety Steps

Mat Set Up & Spacing

Mat spacing has conservatively increased as a means of accommodating those coming to practice from the same household/social circles however you still must register in advance at to secure your mat space. As recommendations and small business restrictions have eased, please plan to arrive in advance to set up your mat and props for the practice. Please keep to the spacing set-forth over the past few months to keep things comfortable. PLEASE use the mat cleaner and towels provided to wipe down dirt and sweat accumulated during class from any mats/blocks/mini mats borrowed. Please leave all borrowed items in place as I will continue to use Bioesque to sanitize these props after every class.



The booking window had been expanded to close 30 minutes before the start of class and the cancellation policy has been modified to 4 hours prior to the start of class for credit restoration. If you’d like more personal/practice space, please use the option to select up to two spots when booking. You will be charged for both spots. The cancellation policy will be strictly enforced, so please be sure that you’re not signing up if you’re not committed to coming as this takes away from others who are able to make it to the mat. If you are experiencing ANY less than ideal health conditions before coming to class, please, DO NOT come to class. If you are unsure, please visit the CDC self-checker (mid page) for guidance here:



Cleaning/Sanitation Updates

The Center for Disease Control currently recommends/states:


“…based on available epidemiological data and studies of environmental transmission factors, surface transmission is not the main route by which SARS-CoV-2 spreads, and the risk is considered to be low. 


In most situations, cleaning surfaces using soap or detergent, and not disinfecting, is enough to reduce risk. Disinfection is recommended in indoor community settings where there has been a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 within the last 24 hours. 

  • Clean the surface using a product containing soap, detergent, or other type of cleaner appropriate for use on these surfaces.

  • If you need to disinfect, use an EPA approved product for on soft surfaces.

  • Soft and porous materials that are not frequently touched should only be cleaned or laundered, following the directions on the item’s label, using the warmest appropriate water setting.

  • Vacuum as usual 


Following your normal routine cleaning, you can disinfect frequently touched surfaces and objects using a product from EPA’s list of approved products.”

I pride myself in having a clean and organized studio having practiced and worked at studios where it was not a priority.  I will continue using Bioesque Botanical disinfectant solution, one of the few natural products to be found amongst the EPA’s list of approved cleaners for COVID in place of bleach to support sinus and respiratory health. Please feel free to read more about it here: 



There are still many ideas and opinions surrounding communal props right now. As someone who values and benefits from the addition of props to the practice, I will continue to use and integrate them within our classes and practice. Please wipe down accumulated dirt and sweat from all borrowed items and then leave them in your practice space. I will collect and properly disinfect them when you leave. You are welcome (and encouraged) to bring your own mat and props, however I ask that you please be mindful that this is a one hour practice, not a weekend-long retreat. 


As we know, California is back in a state of severe drought and has routinely issued flex alerts for energy consumption during these hotter months. Given these extreme circumstances, I ask that you please plan to use the same props for consecutive classes if not providing your own. Bolster covers will still be collected and laundered with each use, however blankets and straps will now be washed based on need/individual use or bi-weekly. Between wash cycles these items will be hung in direct sunlight in accordance with The Journal of Infectious Diseases, Volume 222, Issue 2, 15 July 2020, Pages 214–222 (, which demonstrated a 90% reduction of infectious virus within 6.8 minutes of summer sunlight exposure and a 90% reduction of infectious virus within 14.3 minutes of winter sunlight exposure. More details are provided and specific to the use of each prop below:


Mats/mini mats: Please consider purchasing your own mat/mini mat. If you do not have a mat I am happy to help you find one that will fit your practice. All mats have been, and continue to be, cleaned and disinfected with Bioesque. Please wipe down all mats and mini mats with the mat cleaner and rags provided. Mats & mini mats will then remain in your practice space and I will disinfect and store them at the end of each class.


Blocks/wedges: All blocks have been and continue to be and disinfected with Bioesque. Please wipe down the blocks and wedges with the mat cleaner and rags provided and leave them in your practice space. They will be clean and ready to use when you arrive and disinfected and put away when you leave.

Straps: Please consider purchasing your own strap. I am happy to help you find a length and clasp suitable for your practice and price point. If straps are used please leave them in your practice space. They will be hung on the laundry line in direct sunlight to accommodate water and energy conservation after gentle use, or laundered after intense/repetitive use. All straps will be laundered bi-weekly. 


Blankets: Please limit blanket borrowing to one per practice. If blankets are used please leave them in your practice space. They will be hung on the laundry line in direct sunlight to accommodate water and energy conservation after gentle use, or laundered after intense/repetitive use. Blankets will be collected and laundered no less than bi-weekly. 


Bolsters: Clean pillow cases will be used to cover the bolsters during class. I will continue to cover and set bolsters out for classes that use them. Please leave bolsters fully covered and I will remove and collect them at the end of each class/individual use to launder. 


Air Flow

I will have the HVAC unit set with the vents pointing straight out with the swing feature on as to keep the room at a safe and manageable temperature. Certain areas of the practice space will stay considerably warmer/cooler with this feature. Windows of the practice space will be opened to allow fresh air in and stale air out before and after each class whenever possible. 



Unfortunately it’s still recommended that we self-soothe in Savasana. I will continue to use verbal cues and adjustments to the best of my ability and remain on my mat with the exception of dimming the lights and shades for the close of class or a safety issue. I anticipate returning to at least using a contactless, misting foot spray in the fall. 



The decision to wear a mask while you practice is up to you. Some important things to consider if you choose to wear a mask during physical activity:


  1. Cotton gets very soggy with heavy breathing/sweating. Have a mask to change into for after class. And/or have a mask that’s made from quick dry material.

  2. Fit is important. Deep breaths with a loose fit with flimsy material means the fabric will likely be sucked in/out of your mouth/nose with deep breaths. Either a tight fit for minimal movement or a stiff tented fit so it can’t conform to your mouth is helpful.

  3. It will be uncomfortable and may feel suffocating at first. DO NOT over-do it! If you are unable to maintain a safe and steady breathing pattern at any time, please remove your mask.  


    Please be mindful that we are ALL doing the best we can with the information accessible at this time. Kindness and compassion for others should be exercised on and off the mat while on the property and in-studio.  Please feel free to text or email with any questions or concerns regarding in-studio classes. As a reminder, you must register in advance and agree to the terms at before coming to class as this will be a continued practice beyond COVID. 

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