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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Yoga?


Yoga is a practice for bringing balance into your body and mind. In a traditional sense, yoga involves a physical practice of postures called asanas, as well as breathing exercises and techniques called pranayama. It’s important to note that yoga is NOT a religion. 


What are the benefits to movement classes?

The immediate benefit from movement is the release of physical tension that comes from synchronizing the breath with poses designed to warm and stretch the body. Long term benefits include increased strength, flexibility, mobility, and overall well-being though stress reduction. In certain cases, the physical practice of movement can contribute to better breathing habits, increase fitness levels, help with pain management, and improve posture. By encouraging self-confidence and helping you to focus your energy, movement classes may also guide you to feeling happier and healthier. 


Where should I start?


I teach a variety of classes suitable for all levels of experience and fitness. Please be sure to read the descriptions under the “read more” link to be sure the class is what you’re wanting to practice for the day. 


I have a health condition. Can I still participate in classes and community events?

As long a you have clearance from a medical professional to return to normal activities or to start a movement practice, you can participate in group classes and community events! Many people use yoga/movement for pain management and mobility maintenance. While many of the stretches and poses can be adapted or modified for injuries, please be sure to select the class that best suits your health and wellness needs.

What do I need?

You only need yourself and a mat to start! There are many props integral to my personal practice that you are welcome to purchase or borrow at the studio to make the practice more accessible. Most practices include two yoga blocks (can be purchased from Amazon for roughly $12 +/-) and a strap. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like some ideas to get started. 


Should I create a login for the website?

Creating a login for the website gives you access to purchasing class packages at a discounted rate. It also provides you with the opportunity to book, cancel, re-schedule, and view your purchase and practice history with Four Acres Yoga. Creating a login is absolutely free, easy, and secure, and you’ll never receive unsolicited emails from Four Acres Yoga or Wix (the website host). 

I’m trying to book a class and it’s asking me to pay even though I have credits on a class package.

Please be sure to verify you are logged in to your account on the website. In the confirmation emails there is a section that highlights how you paid for the class and how many of your class passes are left, if the previous email said 0, you will need to purchase a new pass or check out with the drop-in fee.  If you have class passes available and are logged in and still prompted to pay for class, please contact me so I can look into the issue. 

Is the studio open for in-person classes?

Yes! Come practice with us .

What online services do you provide?

Live-streaming services are only offered for one-on-one clients at this time. You are welcome to view previously recorded Zoom classes on YouTube by clicking either of the following link(s):




Do you teach private lessons?

Please feel free to contact me in regard to private lessons.

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